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The Best Place for Networking & Computer Components

From hard drives to modems to networking cards, you’ll find a large selection of computer parts at JP Computers Intl. Inc. We replenish our inventory constantly, often daily, according to supply and demand. Our new parts carry a manufactured warranty and refurbished items come with a 90-day warranty.

Networking Cards

JP Computers Intl. Inc. is your resource for all your networking needs. Our inventory includes ISA, PCI, PCI-E, and SCSI controllers. The top brands we sell are 3Com™, Xircom™, Intel™, Adaptec™, SMC™, IBM™, Dell™, and HP™, We stock most of these networking cards — currently, we have a variety of at least 200+ in stock. There is simply no substitute!

Hubs & Switches

Connect your systems with the latest network switches and hubs from 3Com™, CISCO™, and Intel™. We carry these top brands and replenish our stock consistently.


Get on the Internet with ease using our selection of modems. Some of the brands we carry include Motorola™, 3Com™, USRobotics™, IBM™, and Dell™.  Some types of modems available include:

PCMCIA | ISA | 56K | X-Jack

Hard Drives

Store all your data on hard drives, available in new, refurbished, and hard-to-find models. We carry different drive interfaces, such as, SCSI, ESDI, and laptop drives. The best hard drive brands out there are in stock at JP Computers Intl. Inc., including:
IBM™ | Compaq™ | Seagate™ | HP™ | Dell™ | Quantum™